Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zayt zeks זײַט זעקס (Page Six)

One of the nice things about the days leading up to KlezKamp is that I get to see KlezKamp staff in person, not just through email or phone conversations. Today was a triple crown day.

First, Alex Kontorovich stopped by the office to pick up the placement recordings sent in by students. Alex can always be seen reading a learned treatise:

Later, Vera Sokolow and I met in Long Island City at the warehouse of a wonderful organization, Materials for the Arts, which supplies donated materials and equipment to non-profit arts organizations. As you can see, we found lots of goodies which we will use at KlezKamp, especially in the children's program, of which Vera is co-director.

We loaded the supplies into a car driven by yet another KlezKamp faculty member, the one-and-only Pete Sokolow.

We are grateful to Materials for the Arts, an agency of the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, and to its donors for their generosity.

I returned to the office in time to see more KlezKampers in the building on the occasion of the Workmen's Circle gala, which was being held on the first floor. Michael Wex was the featured speaker and he was nice enough to come down and sign some copies of Born to Kvetch for my brother. With him was my former Camp Hemshekh bunkmate and KlezKamp staffer, Joanne Borts, who is also on the Workmen's Circle board.

It was great to see so many KlezKampers staff members today and it made me look forward even more to seeing everyone at KlezKamp on Sunday.