Sunday, December 31, 2006

A great student concert!

Thursday night's student concert was so impressive. It is amazing to see how students who had never played together before came together in four sessions to present wonderful klezmer and Yiddish music, as well as dance. Apologies to the groups whose pictures did not make it into this collection:

Youth Orchestra

Mike Cohen Ensemble

Traditional Ensemble

Traditional Ensemble

Michael Winograd Ensemble

Community Chorus

Fidl Kapelye

Adrianne Greenbaum ensemble

Goldenshteyn Repertoire ensemble

Ray Musiker ensemble

Dobe Ressler ensemble

Mandolin Orchestra

I'm missing photos of the Electric Klezmer Band (how much do I love that there was a 90 year old in the Electric Klezmer Band!), the wonderful Interpreting Jewish Dance class's performance of Der Rebbe Elimeylekh, choreographed by the great Felix Fibich, and of some of the other ensembles. We'll fill in the blanks soon.

It was a great night.

The Lobby of Yiddishland

You can get a sense of the informal activity at KlezKamp from these views from the lobby. What you can't sense here is the constant hum of voices, the folks playing the piano and singing along, the plink of the tsimbl as Pete Rushefsky teaches his students, the laughter, and all the other sounds of KlezKamp. We're lucky that we can take over the entire hotel for KlezKamp, allowing us to create our own little Yiddishland.

The view from above:

The ride and announcements board, ably administered by our Minister of Information, Hartley Wynberg:

The displays from the craft classes, including these amazing works from Adam Whiteman's papercutting פּאפּירשניט classes:

Staff and KlezKampers hanging out:

And Mitch Mernick in his lobby base, broadcasting Radio KlezKamp 24 hours a day during KlezKamp, adding to our pleasure immeasurably. At KlezKamp, any radio on the hotel grounds can pick up Radio KlezKamp and listeners can hear klezmer music, interviews with KlezKampers, live concerts and KlezNews (put together by youngsters in the children's program). It is an amazing effort by Mitch for which we are all grateful.

It's Sunday morning-- Have you done your KlezKamp Crostic yet?

Among the features of this year's KlezKamp Zhurnal is the crostic puzzle created especially for KlezKamp by Rick Winston. The Zhurnal was in the registration folder you received upon arrival at KlezKamp. It is available in PDF form on the KlezKamp website's Zhurnal page, for those of you who weren't at KlezKamp yourself. The crostic puzzle alone may be downloaded as a pdf here. Rick Winston, a former KlezKamper himself, is the proprietor of the Savoy Theater in Montpelier, Vermont. This puzzle is a treat and is well worth the effort, even if you have never done a crostic puzzle before.