Monday, December 17, 2007

Genuck mit di goyische nahkes, already...

Ah, Yultide in Texas.

The weatherman informs me that I might want to close the windows tonight as it may get down to a chilly 55 degrees after midnight, brrrrrrr. While the majority of my neighbors are all rushing around buying each other crap for Christmas that any of them could readily do without, I find myself headed out to the shed to locate my trunk of "New York" clothes.

Regular Kampers may have noticed that I show up nearly every year in the same outfit, so I guess it's only fair to explain to you that the hat, gloves, coat, scarf, long britches, and long handle underwear that you will see me in year after year has all only ever been used for one week at a time, over the course of maybe 12 years now. This ritual of breaking open the old Army surplue locker and pulling out this cold weather ensemble portends yet another great week of fruendschaft un Yiddishkeit, the sort of which your Okie born KK Staffer appreciates greatly.

So as they say around these parts, "if the good Lord's willing, and the creeks don't rise (or the flights canceled due to snow,) we'll be seeing you all real soon."