Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Set the Way-Bac Machine for 1989, Sherman...."

This transmission comes to us from that far off universe called 1989, when, after only a few short, successful years of running KlezKamp at the late and very lamented Paramount Hotel, we launched the first of two summer KlezKamp West events in northern California. This one was at Camp Swig in Saratoga, California. The next was in 1998 in Petaluma.
The wonderful thing about this surprisingly sweet little piece is that it very accurately captures a crystalline moment when we were collectively creating and honing our shared common Yiddish culture as we were inventing the context of KlezKamp. The enthusiasm and vitality displayed here -- fresh as all things back then always seemed to be -- is what made creating, learning and playing together the great experience it was. Oh, yeah: and we were nerdy, too!
Among those you'll see here are: Adrienne Cooper,her mom Buni Cooper, Joel Rubin, Gerry Tenney, Alan Bern, Margot Leverett, Wendy Marcus and her daughter Sophie Shifra (in the very touching scene where Wendy signs for her) Michael Alpert, Harvey Varga, Sarah Felder, Alan Senauke, Dan Peck (shlepping boxes in the background of one interview) and some young skinny kid who looks like Groucho Marx in a Brooklyn Dodgers cap.
Thanks to KlezKamp KlezKids Co-Director Sarah Gordon (who is also in it) for unearthing this video cuneiform and reminding us that, though we've changed on the outside, we're still as youthfully passionate and devoted to Yiddish music and culture as ever. HooHA!



Friday, January 4, 2008

KlezKamp Podcast now available!!

Thanks to our friends Mark Rubin, Mitchel Mernick and many others, you may now subscribe to the KLEZKAMP PODCAST.  We intend to add new episodes to the podcast offerings on a regular basis.  They will reflect not only this past KlezKamp 23, but gems from our sound archive of 23 years of KlezKamp concerts and, more recently, Radio KlezKamp, the in-house radio station run at KK by Mitch Mernick.

Podcasts available at this time include interviews with Elaine Hoffman Watts, Andy Statman, Judith Bro Pinhasik, Ray and Julie Musiker, and Pete and Vera Sokolow.  Also available are music from the KlezKamp Youth Orchestra, the Staff Dance Band and the "Philadelphia Shers" by the Elaine Hoffman Watts Ensemble.

You may download these podcasts individually or you may subscribe to the podcast and have them delivered automatically to your computer at http://klezkamp.mypodcast.com/

We are thrilled to be able to share these treasures with you.  It is just one of the ways that Living Traditions is fulfilling its mission to bring Yiddish culture to new generations in ways both inspiring and relevant to contemporary Jewish life.

Fortunately, there is much more to come.

More KlezKamp photos

Here is another set of KlezKamp photos, these by Alan Lankin.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

More photos

Here are more KlezKamp 2007 photos, these courtesy of Bonnie Greenberg.