Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Littlest Klezmorim

Thursday evening, as Kamp is winding up, is the chance to check out what other people have been doing all week. For the under-five crowd, KinderNest is a chance to make and wear costumes, and to bang on drums. Some slightly older children help out with providing the melody.

Then the older children get a chance to perform the traditional final-evening play. This year, in keeping with our Hasidic theme, the play involved a test of faith and a barrel of shmaltz herring. Thanks to Michael and Rill Wex for writing the script.

After dinner the much-anticipated teen performance takes another look at our theme. Our hosts were Sabu and Jonathan.
All the teens did amazing work writing their script, shooting and mixing footage for the video sequences, and performing as they explored I.L. Peretz's "Gilgul fun a Nign" (The Transmigration of a Melody) in ways Peretz could not have imagined.

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Seth Kulick said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. I'm pretty sure that first one is actually of the oomchicks group, which came after the kindernest performance. My daughter was in the oomchicks (and also kindernest), and I watched some of the oomchicks rehearsals, and I just want to take this opportunity here (as well as on the evaluation form!) to say how much I appreciate the great job the oomchicks and kindernest folks did.

Does anybody have any good photos (or even, can I hope, a video?) of the Kindernest performance of "Az Der Rebbe Zingt"? My pictures came out pretty badly. thanks.