Monday, December 24, 2007

We're well underway...

It is now the end of the PM1 class period.  The youngest children have just ended the first rehearsal of their own ensemble, Oomchicks, right outside my temporary office here.  I hear them playing their little violins, drums and other instruments learning "Baleboste Zisinke" singing the words in very clear Yiddish.  This is really what KlezKamp is about.

Getting to KlezKamp was an adventure for many.  The weather was about as bad for driving as it could get.  There was steady, heavy rain and thick fog through which it was close to impossible to drive.  An live electric power line fell across the highway, only a few vehicle lengths in front of one of the KlezKamp charter buses.  One KKer fell ill while driving three others up to camp and had to be taken from the side of the road by ambulance to the hospital (fortunately, she is now fine and arrived at KlezKamp very late last night).  The weather played havoc with air traffic, the trains and the buses and many folks were delayed by many hours.  And to make it perfect, the roof of the hotel, which we were told had gotten a new roof six months ago, could not withstand all the rain and there were leaks throughout the public areas and a torrent backstage.  

But all of that seems to be forgotten less than 24 hours later.  I look around and most everyone seems very happy.   We've seen our old friends, made new ones, are having a full day of classes, and we've all enjoyed a very successful opening evening activity, featuring fine music by Ray Musiker, Pete Sokolow, Cookie Segelstein, Josh Horowitz, Mark Rubin, Andy Statman, and Judy Bro Pinhasik.  Judy, who directs development and fundraising for Living Traditions, ended the program with her version of the old Yiddish song, "Donor, Donor."

Tonight, we'll be seeing the new film documentary about Yiddish poet and songwriter (and KK faculty member) Beyle Schaechter Gottesman, followed by an interview of Beyle by Anita Norich.  There'll be dancing to live music by our dance bands and a cabaret focusing on Yiddish Folk and Theater songs, hosted by Joanne Borts.  

More to come...

PS-  Isn't Faith Jones amazing?  What a great post about the Zhurnal outtakes!  And we've been getting nothing but raves about the Zhurnal which Faith edited.  We miss you and Winnifred!!

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