Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A conumdrum indeed..

The inherent problem with this on-site blogging thing is that if you are doing your job and having a great time learning and teaching and interacting in this magical enviornmnet, there is no possible way to take a moment out and write about it.

That said, here I find myself listening to Pete Socolow's band during AM2 and showing Louis London a few things about basic HTML code, so I can drop in on the blog if only for a second.

So here's my story of the day:

"He's here....."

We were on the ballroom stage, those of us who had the privilidge of recording with German Goldenshteyn, not but a year ago at this very place, playing a tribute to his memory. About 2 tunes in, the stage lights go wacky; flashing on and off, dimming and then cutting out completely only to come back on again. Absolutely infuriating as I'm reading charts to be certian not to mess up, I glare at Bill Korich the stage manager who is hurridly running around trying to figure out what's happening. No one is messing with the switches or anything, there's what we like to call in Oklahoma a "haint" in the system. No human hand is messing with us onstage tonight.

Alex Kontorovich, who is already pretty damn spooked at the prospect of having to play the role of his mentor onstage turns around to me and says matter of factly, "He's here."


Here with us all.

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