Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A gast in shtetl

Andy Statman, the great Klezmer clarinetist/Bluegrass mandolinist is at Kamp for two days to give master classes to advanced music students. Last night he was interviewed by Henry Sapoznik in front of a packed audience in the cabaret. The two have known each other for about 2,000 years and are beginning, like an old married couple, to strangely resemble one another. That's Henry on the left and Andy on the right--or is it?

Another great thing that happens at Kamp is the confluence of different generations. Here the great Klezmer drummer Elaine Hoffman Watts discusses technique with Aaron Alexander, another drum instructor.

Last night was also the German Goldenshteyn memorial concert. Playing German's repertoire, the band that recorded on his CD, led by Alex Kontorovich, started the evening. Later they were joined by about 25 other staff members, all of whom were touched by German as a person and a teacher, and who play his repertoire. It was a fantastic show, and when, about half-way through, Henry invited the audience to get up and dance, dance teacher Steven Weintraub didn't need a second invitation. His enthusiasm for moving to Yiddish music is infectious, and soon the whole crowd was there including my new favorite KlezKamp cutie.

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