Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Notes from the front

Here are scenes from Jill Gellerman’s PM1 Hassidic Dance class, exploring the effect of popular American dance steps in the Hassidic community. So, the bunny-hop is kosher, who knew?

The amazing Binyomim Ginsburg leads the band on vocals and wonderfully cheesy electric piano sounds.

Frank London, Dan Blacksburg, Michael Winograd, myself and Matt Temkin make up the band, which is having WAY too much fun playing for this class. I may come here to teach, but I always come away learning much more.

Salo Kluger of Simchas Sales.
It just wouldn’t be KlezKamp with out the convivial merchant of all things Yiddish.

Such a deal! Now all you need to find is something to play them on….

Michael Wex sports a new lid.

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