Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So busy having fun

Busy day at Kamp. Here's a shot from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender party. There were some gay men there, really; they just left before the picture got taken.

Last night we had the book launch for the paperback edition of Henry Sapoznik's book Klezmer! Jewish Music From Old World to Our World. That's him playing with his band, the Youngers of Zion. Mark Rubin is on the cello and Cookie Seigelstein on the fiddle. The Youngers have this amazing ability to combine Jewish music with an American roots feel--they all play multiple musical styles--resulting in a warm atmosphere. Then Henry signed books and shamelessly basked in the adulation of the crowd.

Andy Statman made such a great contribution to Kamp this year. Here he is consulting with KlezKamp's technical director Laura Wernick about her mandolin hobby. He made himself completely available to everybody at all levels of learning, and his solo at the staff concert was a highlight nobody is likely to forget soon.

Meanwhile, what would be Kamp without some fire-eating? Jake and Katy Weinstein could only come for one day this year, but tonight they stilted and ate fire for the crowd. This is them rehearsing, thus no actual fire on those sticks, but the father-daughter duo is never anything less than entertaining.

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