Sunday, December 24, 2006

On the way to KlezKamp

There is lots of work involved to set up KlezKamp and some of us arrive at the hotel on Saturday to help set up. The office in New York pretty much gets packed up and moved up to the hotel. The state of the office would not make my mother happy.

Amber Feldman came early and helped me organize the mess.

Then our Operations Manager, King of the EpesCenter and ride up to the hotel, Dan Peck, arrived. It had been some time since Amber and Dan had seen each other:

We packed the car up tight and even managed to squeeze Amber in:

But we had to make an important stop along the way, one without which KlezKamp just is not the same:

We made it to the hotel. We were surprised to find that instead of the nearly empty hotel we were promised, the hotel was fully booked with over 700 khasidim, making our theme of Hasidish Yiddish wildly ironic.

But seeing our friends makes everything worthwhile.

A posting on Day One of KlezKamp will follow soon.

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