Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wexes Are In the House

My house, that is. Those who remember last year's panic when the Wexes' plane was delayed because LaGuardia was fogged in, causing them to miss the bus and finally arrive half-starved at midnight, will be delighted to hear that they arrived safely in New York yesterday. Sad to say, most of the panic wasn't actually about the Wexes' comfort or safety but about 75 students enrolled in "Wexology" and "Daytsh af tselakhis" who were worried about getting their full Wex fix at Kamp. In fact, Rill (on the right) has gone up to the hotel today to help set up the kids' program, while Wex and Sabina will be on the bus tomorrow. Unless Brooklyn gets fogged in too.

Many people know that Wex's new book will be out, God willing, in time for Kamp next year. Meanwhile, Born to Kvetch will be at the Epes Center in hard- and soft-cover, and the audiobook, read by Wex himself, means you can feed your Jones until then.

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